Friday, April 16, 2021

Assembly Performances

You should be able to access this folder to view the videos of this morning's assembly Performances recorded by some of our senior students.

Number bonds to 10

This term we have been practicing our number bonds to 10, working out lots of different way to express this information and then write it in a number sentence.

Beginning sounds

We have been learning lots about beginning sounds this term. This game is around practicing hearing the beginning sounds of words and sorting them accordingly. It was lots of fun.

Tortoise visit

Thank you to Thomas and your family for bringing your wonderful tortoises into our classroom last Friday. It was a wonderful way to transition our learning from the rocky shore to the ocean next term. We learnt so much being able to ask you questions about how you care for them!

ANZAC Day talk

We were very fortunate to have Matua Kevin and Mr Mendham come in to talk to us about ANZAC Day and the NZ and Australian military forces on Wednesday. We enjoyed wearing lots of different hats and learning what they signified, and singing some songs too.

Happy Birthday to Beth-Ann

Happy Birthday for Monday Beth-Ann - thank you for bringing in yummy donuts to share with us all while we sang to you.

Assembly rehearsal

Our final rehearsal on Thursday for our assembly performance. Students and staff are both very excited!

Week 11 junior singing

Week 11 junior singing. We so enjoy Mrs Flemming with her guitar, and the opportunity to sing together as a junior cohort!

Week 11 class awards

Congratulations to our class award winners from this morning's assembly. It's wonderful to celebrate your learning with you all.

Senior TRYathlon

Watching and supporting our senior students for their TRYathlon on Wednesday

Monday, April 12, 2021

Kiwi Can - week 11 term 1

Be my friend, stick with me, I'll look out for you, and you'll look out for me.